Southwestern College Theatre Arts Department Announces The First Annual Southwestern Summer Shakespeare Festival

Southwestern College Theatre Arts Department announces the first annual Southwestern Summer Shakespeare Festival, performing July 21 through August 5. All performances are free to all. This summer’s featured plays by William Shakespeare are “The Comedy of Errors”, and “Hamlet”.

“The Comedy of Errors”

“The Comedy of Errors” follows the misadventures of two sets of identical twin brothers (with identical names) who are accidentally separated as infants by a storm at sea.

Years later, they coincidentally find themselves in the same town on the same day. As the day passes, the foursome experience comical complications that confuse their friends and family as they take the audience on a wild ride of merry mishaps and mistaken identities.

As their desperate situations grow sillier, the brothers begin to doubt their own sanity. But a happy ending prevails as the outrageous journey builds to a hilariously unexpected family reunion. Ruff Yeager directs.


“Hamlet” is a ghost story, a psychological thriller, a political family’s epic saga, and one of the greatest plays ever written. The young Prince of Denmark returns home to attend his father’s funeral and his mother’s hasty remarriage, while being haunted by a vengeful ghost and his own doubts and fears.

To exact his revenge, he must face the heartbreak of lost love, challenge royal authority, flirt with madness, and be driven to the edge of the grave. Palace intrigue and family dysfunction culminate in a duel to the death as the tragic climax reaches its exhilarating peak. Kim Strassburger directs.

The cast of “Hamlet” features Belle Ramos as Hamlet, Ruff Yeager as Claudius, Sandra Ruiz as Gertrude, Eddie Yaroch as Polonius, Imahni King as Laertes, and Rose Sisson as Ophelia.

The creative team includes Jeanne Reith, Costume Designer; Kevin “Blax” Burroughs and Marshun Tucker, Lighting Designers; Imahni King and Brandon Watterson, Sound Designers; Jordan Miller, Fight Director.

Casts and Schedule for the 1st Annual Southwestern Summer Shakespeare Festival

July 21 – August 5

  • “The Comedy of Errors” | Sat/Sun, 2PM | Sat/Sun, 2PM | Sat 2PM
  • “Hamlet” | Fri/Sat/Sun, 7PM | Fri/Sat/Sun, 7PM | Fri/Sat, 7PM

Location: The Southwestern College Performing Arts Center 900 Otay Lakes Road, Chula Vista, CA 91910

  • Directors: Kim Strassburger, Ruff Yeager
  • Stage Manager: Jaena-Mae Caguiat
  • Scenic Designer: Mike Buckley
  • Costume Designer: Jeanne Reith
  • Lighting Designers: Kevin “Blax” Burroughs, Marshun Tucker
  • Sound Designers: Imahni King, Brandon Watterson
  • Fight Director: Jordan Miller

“Hamlet” Cast:

  • Hamlet – Belle Ramos
  • Claudius – Ruff Yeager
  • Gertrude – Sandra Ruiz
  • Ophelia – Rose Sison
  • Horatio – Sion Griffith
  • Polonius – Eddie Yaroch
  • Laertes – Imahni King
  • Rosencrantz – Francisco Ochoa
  • Guildenstern – Nitalia Evenson
  • Voltemand, A Gentleman – Xochitl Ramos
  • Cornelius – Diana Gomez
  • Osric – Albert Amador
  • Marcellus – Julian Ortega Flores
  • Bernardo – Ricardo Chavez
  • Reynaldo – Lalo Sanchez
  • First Player, Lucianus – Ace In Spadesz
  • Player King, A Priest – Christopher Redo
  • Player Queen – Maria Boncza
  • First Gravedigger, Courtier – Julyun Cabogasan
  • Francisco, Second Gravedigger – Jacob-Adam Lopez

“The Comedy of Errors” Cast:

  • Scene Change Fairy – Thelma Avila
  • Solinus – Hunter Flores
  • Egeon – Edgar Coronado
  • Antipholus of Ephesus – Francisco Ochoa
  • Antipholus of Syracuse – Jacob-Adam Lopez
  • Dromio of Ephesus – Albert Amador
  • Dromio of Syracuse – Santiago Gordillo
  • Adriana – Natalia Evenson
  • Luciana – Galadriel Bessette
  • Emilia, Luce – Evelyn Potter
  • Angelo – Lalo Sanchez
  • Dr. Pinch – Julian Ortega Flores
  • Courtesan – Diana Gomez
  • Balthazar, Officer, Messenger – Lea Fuentes
  • Merchants – Isabella Sanchez, Ricardo Chavez Jailer – Isabella Sanchez

Info and Tickets

While the festival performances are free, reservations are required. For free ticket reservations and information, please visit here.

This project is made possible in part by the City of Chula Vista and the Create Chula Vista Arts Grant. For more info and for updates, visit the Southwestern College Theatre Arts Department website here and follow them on Instagram.

See you there, San Diego!

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