Spin & Go Startup Launches Outdoor Pop-up Cycling Classes In San Diego

Spin & Go  has launched in San Diego with a concept that just makes sense! Spin & Go is a pop-up stationary cycling class that puts a twist on traditional spin programs by offering classes in outdoor locations such as Liberty Station, ultimately combining exercise with ease of location and immersion in nature.


Spin is already super popular for its cardio and leg workouts–set to energetic music–that encourage camaraderie and healthy competition.

With the launch of Spin & Go fitness, fans can now add beautiful outdoor environments to the mix.


Spin & Go capitalizes on the mental benefits of being outdoors as well as the emotional and physical benefits of exercising in groups, found to lower stress up to twenty-six percent, while keeping its concept simple: users of all athletic levels sign up for the 45-minute classes, then arrive to the pop-up location ready to exercise.

That makes Spin & Go a perfect team-building solutions for companies seeking to boost employee satisfaction, for which the company is available. Spin & Go handles all setup and cleanup, just give them a call.


Spin & Go classes have launched at Liberty Station and Tidelands Park in Coronado, with additional locations including Balboa Park, Kate Sessions Park and North County in the works.

See you there!

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