The Wandering Gallery Brings Awareness To The Challenges Artists Face During The Pandemic

The Wandering Gallery is an art project bringing awareness to the challenges artists are facing during the pandemic.

The relationship between artist and gallery isn’t complicated: artists need the audience and exposure enabled by the gallery, and the gallery needs the work and profile of the artists to bring in their audience.

But the difficulties of producing art shows has been exacerbated in 2020 with the restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing galleries to close, keeping audiences at home, and keeping artists in their studios – making it difficult for artists to create awareness for their work.

As a result, two British artists have collaborated on a project aiming to break this deadlock.

Gallery wall on the move through San Francisco

The Wandering Gallery represents a section of gallery wall, which moves silently through San Francisco, presenting work in a variety of locations around the almost deserted city, looking for its audience.

The pieces on show are an introduction to the work of artists Jayne Foster and Gary Miller. Both have similar backgrounds in fashion design, each focusing on exploring divergent facets of portraiture.

Jayne’s work is predominantly printed with mixed media elements, made using a combination of machine and handcrafting techniques, creating multilayered visual effects which reflect the multifaceted personalities within the works.

Gary’s work is predominantly mixed media with paint. He works methodically by combining wet and dry mixed-media techniques in order to create images that are part drawing, part painting, and part surface textile application.

Stay healthy, San Diego!

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