Your Guide To This Week’s San Diego Concerts

As usual, San Diego has a nice mix of old and new, local and exotic. There’s something for the adventurer who wants to travel south with the musical stylings of Brazil—but also for the domestic who wants some homegrown music.

Whichever category you fall into, you won’t be disappointed.

Dead Kennedys – 7/21

Brick By Brick

Linda Vista

Hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys have been making sounds since 1978. A revolving lineup hasn’t changed their attitude and swagger. San Diego sometimes gets bands that are bucket-list items. This is one of those times.

Come see for yourself—you’ll be glad you did.

The B-52’s – 7/21

Starlight Theater

Pala Casino

Speaking of bands you should definitely see if you consider yourself a music-lover, The B-52’s are making their way to San Diego. Even if you don’t know this group beyond their popular hits—think: “Loveshack,” “Rock Lobster”—you’re in for a treat.

With the vitality of the ‘80s powering their new-wave pop, it’s impossible to hear The B-52’s and not just want to party.

Creature and the Woods – 7/22

The Casbah

Little Italy

Creature and the Woods sounds like a bluesy rock group not out-of-place in the South. Think Kings of Leon with less pop and more soul.

Great musicianship and great repertoire between bandmates make Creature and the Woods a must-see. Plus, they’re going to have alt-country rockers Taken By Canadians and The Heavy Guilt in tow.

Sounds like an all-around solid night to us.

La Luz – 7/22

Soda Bar

City Heights

This L.A. band plays garage surf rock and it’s exactly what San Diego needs to hear during these warm summer months: the sounds of the sea with the grittiness of the sand.

Well, San Diegans, we’re in luck. La Luz has decided to come down from L.A. and make our summer a little hotter. Let’s show them some appreciation.

Midnight Track – 7/22

Tower Bar

City Heights

Not feeling alt-country or surf rock? New-wave a little too ‘hip’?

Why don’t you try some South American punk on for size? This Brazilian punk act is pulling out all of the stops for you. Come enjoy their high-energy antics at Tower Bar.