Explore The World Of Carnivorous Plants At The Savage Gardens Of San Diego Botanic Garden

Come, if you dare, to explore the bizarre and captivating world of carnivorous plants during the Savage Gardens exhibition at San Diego Botanic Garden!

Savage Gardens: A Carnivorous Journey through Art and Nature

The traveling exhibition spotlights carnivorous plants in the Dickinson Family Education Conservatory along with large-scale artistic installations, presented in collaboration with Tork, a team of experienced artists specializing in unique sculptural installations.

Guests will get a bug’s-eye perspective with three larger-than-life installations including a 10-foot tall Tropical Pitcher Plant placing guests in the perspective of an unlucky insect, seven North American Pitcher Plants reaching as tall at 15-feet, and a 10-foot-tall Venus flytrap sculpture that replicates the closing of the “trap” through the use of hydraulics.

A variety of vendors will also be featured on select weekends selling plants, potting materials, and other merchandise.

Savage Gardens are on display now through October 29. For more info on the Savage Gardens exhibition at San Diego Botanic Garden, visit here.

See you there, San Diego!

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